Employment & Other Resources

The Faith Mission Resource Centers provide residents with access to phones and personal voicemail, a fax machine, computers with Internet access, bus passes and directories of Columbus services. At the Resource Centers, clients set up job interviews, write resumes, learn about training opportunities in the community, access job hotlines and conduct housing searches.

Clients can also complete an assessment and goal plan with staff called an Individualized Employment Service Plan.  This plan is the centerpiece of employment planning.  After completing the plan, staff assess job readiness and work one-on-one with the client to help them prepare for the next steps, whether that’s resume development, mock interviewing or referral to potential employers.

The Faith Mission Resource Centers currently have 44 active employment partners that work directly with us to provide clients jobs with a livable wage.  Often our clients have significant barriers to employment, including lack of work experience and education, criminal history, and no transportation.  These employment partners assist us with helping clients overcome these barriers.


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