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Seems like I never had a chance to live a normal life. My father molested me when I was 9 years old. After that, I was taken from my family and ended up in a series of foster homes, which I didn’t like. I was such a mess, I didn’t even graduate from high school.

Instead, I got pregnant and had a baby. But after the baby was born, my boyfriend started beating on me. I left him, but I went and had three more children with three different men. They weren’t very good either. In fact, in 1991, I found out one of them molested my oldest daughter. After that, children’s services took all my children away from me and I never got them back.

I hurt so bad inside from all the things I went through, I turned to cocaine, thinking it would help take the pain away. But it sure didn’t. It ain’t no high. Instead, it takes you down and robs you of everything, and it makes you do stuff you don’t want to do. And for the next 20 years, I ended up in and out of jail.

I got out of jail again five months ago. I wanted to stay clean this time, but I knew I needed help. I was also homeless, so I came to Faith Mission. And it’s been great. They treat me with respect here and I feel safe. They’ve given me a roof over my head, three meals a day, they’re helping me find housing, and whenever I need someone to talk to, they’re there. Anything I need, they help me find it.

But best of all, I found God here. I’ve found a church and even got baptized a couple of weeks ago!

It’s so beautiful to be clean and sober. I’m doing things I never thought I could do before. I’m learning to love myself for the first time. Thanks to people like you who support Faith Mission, I’m leaving my past behind me and walking ahead into a better future.

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