Q: What is Faith Mission’s history?
A: Faith Mission started on February 6, 1966, in response to the City Mission closing its doors. Reverend Sam Goers, Roland Hepner and Arthur Bayse of Trinity Lutheran Church were the original board members and volunteer staff. At that time, we were located at 181 East Long Street. The services offered at Faith Mission in 1966 included opening the doors at 5:00 p.m., serving a meal and providing beds for twelve men. In 1998, Faith Mission joined the Lutheran Social Service family.

Today, Faith Mission is a 24-hour emergency shelter, serving up to 244 men and 76 women at three locations; 325 E. Long St., 151 N. 6th St. and 599 E. 8th Ave. Faith Mission is the only organization in Franklin County able to serve three meals a day, every day of the year. Our mission is to continue to create a better world by serving people in need.

Q: What populations do you serve?
A: We serve adult men and single adult women.

Q: What do the clients of Faith Mission do all day?
A: The majority of Faith Mission’s residents are employed. Many participate in case management services. They are provided access to health care, employment, chemical dependency counseling, mental health assistance and appropriate housing opportunities. Many residents attend support groups and educational workshops that promote self-sufficiency and empowerment to live productive and independent lives.

Q: In addition to emergency shelter, what other programs does Faith Mission offer?
A: Veteran’s assistance, mental health assessments, transportation to appointments, connection to housing and rental assistance, health, dental and vision care, employment assistance, phone service, food, clothing and personal care items are all provided by Faith Mission or on referral by staff to other agencies.

Q: How is Faith Mission held accountable for the money it receives?
A: The Community Shelter Board, the Ohio Department of Development and the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development audit Faith Mission. As part of the LSS family, the Mission also undergoes an extensive annual audit by a private firm. In addition, the LSS Board of Directors reviews finances quarterly.

Q: Why do people become homeless?
A: People become homeless for many reasons. The most common are loss of job, lack of a “livable wage”, drug and/or alcohol abuse, mental illness and domestic violence. There is a wide gap in affordable housing choices and entry-level income. More and more homeless men and women are working full time jobs, but do not generate enough income to afford a home in a safe neighborhood.

Q: Do clients have to help out while staying at Faith Mission?
A: Yes. Daily chores are required of all clients at Faith Mission to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Making beds, sweeping, mopping or vacuuming floors, and washing dishes are some of the ways that clients help out. Performing chores allows our clients to maintain their dignity by contributing to the Faith Mission community.

Q: How long are people allowed to stay at Faith Mission?
A: Clients may stay at Faith Mission up to 30 days. Extensions can be granted if an individual is actively working on a plan to move to independence and is awaiting a missing link, such as an affordable apartment.