50 Years of Serving

On February 6, 1966, in response to the City Mission closing, a group of Lutheran pastors and community leaders opened Faith Mission. At 5 p.m. sharp, the doors opened and 14 men entered to eat a hot meal and warm themselves. Initially, the budget was around $200 a month, and the mission depended on congregational groups to provide the meals as well as a nightly worship service. A lot has changed since those days, but our core mission remains the same—to provide a welcoming meal, safe and warm shelter, and hope for a brighter future.

Faith Mission 50th Anniversary Timeline


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1965: The Plunge

In 1965 Reverend Harold Goers participated in a part of the program known as “the plunge” in which he went to live for three days on Chicago’s Skid Row.

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1978: Faithful to Faith Mission

The early years of Faith Mission were devoted to helping Columbus’ most desperate men.

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1979: Only Church in Town Trying to Diminish Congregation

Arthur Basye, the first executive director of Faith Mission, states in 1979, “We try our best to find them jobs and return them to a useful place in society.”

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Present: 50 Things that Happen at Faith Mission Every Day

Can you name 50 things that happen at Faith Mission every single day of the year?

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